Jessica Rapisarda

Website Critique & Response

This is a two-part assignment, described as it might be used in three different subjects. The assignment, in brief, requires that students “trade” websites. (If you are new to students websites, start here and here.)

  • In the first part of the assignment, each student should be asked to provide a specific critique of something about a partner’s website. Students could be graded on the accuracy, specificity, and professionalism of their critiques.
    • For a course in college composition, that critique might be of an essay posted to the site.
    • For a course in information technology, that critique might be of the functionality or security of the site.
    • For a course in business management, that critique might be of the marketing style of the site.
  • In the second part of the assignment, students whose websites have been critiqued must respond to the criticism by making revisions, updates, corrections, etc. Those students should also be required to write a brief explanation of what changes were made and why (and/or what changes were not made and why). Final grades may be based on, for example, the effectiveness of the new essay or product and on the thoughtfulness with which students responded to the critique.


Ultimately, the students’ understanding of their subject will deepen, their website will improve, and they will strengthen their ability to give and receive feedback, which is critical to university and workplace success.


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